About Me

Welcome, my name is Franco and I am a passionate photographer who has been behind a camera for over forty years.  I first experienced the magic of image capture as a black & white university staff photographer for the school paper. Although my undergraduate degree was criminal justice, I really discovered my passion for the art of photography in academia. My photojournalism experience quickly evolved into sports photography and later portfolio work for many college students in the arts, dance and theatre.

In my former career as a law enforcement professional my camera work was predominately criminal evidentiary photography often capturing crime scene, evidence preservation and related items seized for prosecution.  Although this kept me clicking the shutter, it did not ignite my creativity in the art.

After a thirty year career, I decided to delve into my passion for photography and I developed "an eye" for capturing the innate beauty in the people, places and things I photographed.  My former training has taught me to be very detail oriented. Hence, many of my images display subtle or intricate nuances in processing that enhance details, emote feelings and tell a story.  My creative side explodes into areas of graphic enhancements of images that creates a feast for the eye and imagination.  My portraitures are innately native in approach and always shot to bring out the very best in all my clients. Whether I'm photographing you in a studio or on location, I strive to bring out your inner self.  I approach my photography knowing there is a harmonious relationship between technology, lighting, processing and creativity.  I work with  my camera, my client and my vision to create a magical moment in time. 

On location shoots, environmental and architectural images are always captured with the idea of being evocative or capturing a unique perspective and always seeking the innate beauty of the subject. 

So, as you peruse the site and follow my blog, I hope you see in my work, the beauty in the people, places and things that surround us daily yet we tend to ignore. My expectation is that these images evoke, emote and promote your imagination to see things as I witnessed them through the lens of my camera. Photography is ironically historical in nature. We capture a fleeting present moment that immediately dissolves into the past.  It's those special fractious moments I seek to memorialize.  This segues into my motto: "A Fraction of Time - A Lifetime of Memories." 

Allow me the privilege to create your special memories.