Local Photography Clubs

If you're a local residence and are looking to share your passion for photography with others or just want to learn a skill or work with models, there is a local club waiting for you.  I am a member of several local photography clubs in the Tampa Bay area and I want to this opportunity to join us and expand your knowledge base.  Many of these clubs can be found through an App called "Meetup."  Click on the link to enter the Meetup main page - Meetup.

Once on the site, search for photography clubs in the area.  Want to join me in one of my groups? Navigate to any of the following links:

Tampa Bay Photography Club

St.Petersburg Photography Group

Modeling and Photography Forum

Florida Center for Creative Photography

Tampa Photography and Photoshop Collective

Tampa Photography and Modeling Association

Lakeland Shooter, Polk County Photography and Modeling

A Photo Experience

Model and Photography Forum

I co-organize three clubs, the Tampa Bay Photography Club, Model and Photography Forum, and the Photo Experience group. I am always looking for new members to join these clubs which offer a wealth of information, techniques and opportunities to shoot unique models, places and things.

Not a photographer?  Want to model? Are you a make-up artist? Well, there are many groups that will welcome your membership  too.  Click on any of the above to see which is a good fit.