Too often I get the question, why do professional pictures cost so much? Why are top photographers in high demand?  What is the image quality difference between point shoot and those of professional cameras?

As the old adage cleverly says, " a picture is worth a thousand words!"  Modern day cameras tend to highlight mega-pixels to define the amount of detail pictures usually portray.  In fact, mega-pixels are only a fraction of key elements that make a picture really stand out from a technical stand point, let alone the creative aspect.  The dynamic range of a camera's sensor, also play a crucial role in giving the image the ability to make adjustments in post processing.  Without getting too technical, camera performance, lighting, creativity and post processing all work symbiotically to create an amazing image.  That said, I've included some images below to illustrate what typically comes out of the camera in RAW (unprocessed) versus a finished image after post processing.  The "before & after" photographs will give you an idea of my post processing skills and techniques that make my photos special. Some of the graphics seen in some images are used to create posters for clients.

Lightroom & Photoshop Techniques

Before and After